There's more oil where that came from, is the report of one Bakken company.

Most of the oil coming out of the Bakken has been coming out of what's called the "middle Bakken" and the upper portion of another formation known as the Three Forks Sanish or the "Three Forks."

What's in three lower "benches" of the Three Forks has been, until now, "a mystery."


Continental Resources, a pioneer in exploring the Williston Basin, is reporting that the play in the lower benches "is massive, full of oil and more," according to one oil field report.

"It is looking commercial over a very large geographic area, where we think that at least one and in many cases two of these deeper benches will be commercially productive," said Winston Frederick Bott, Continental's president and chief operating officer. "We have confirmed the resource tank — the production capability of the reservoirs. We've confirmed it's filled with oil. We've confirmed it's not filled with water."

Other companies, too, have been exploring an area of some 3800 square miles and reporting much the same results.

Continental reported that with 65 percent of the test wells completed, "the results we've got at this point are very encouraging."

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