Let Children Learn from Risk

Some days one has to wonder what we are doing to our children.
At every turn young people are stymied in pursuing anything which might help them understand the world in which they live, get to know themselves or to build a future.

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Truth Will Out

So what's all the fuss about fake news? Fake news only works because the media has so totally failed in its role. It goes along with the saying that "nature abhors a vacuum." There is absolutely nothing new about "fake news" except the term now used to identify it. More "fake news" emerges because the media has, for a very long time now, in a very partisan and in a very unprofessional way, "advocated" for issues, agendas and causes, rather than report.

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What Voters Really Want

by Evelyn Pyburn

What was behind the Donald Trump presidential victory? While pundits dissect, bisect and analyze every nuance of every issue and every demographic sector, wondering what they missed before, and are now hoping to get it right – there’s not a one who’s mentioned the real underlying theme of it all — the rule of law.
The election demonstrated that despite all the rhetoric and squabbles and minutia of issues and personalities, the America still stands for the rule of law. About this, the country is breathing a sigh of relief.

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When do we get serious?

Over the years in reporting on business in Montana, and as once more I see the dismal rating of Montana in the SBE study about the kind of environment in which entrepreneurs must function, I am struck at how little difference reality makes in political circles.

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Only One Fix

If they don’t turn to market solutions, it’s hard to imagine how anyone, no matter their party affiliation, is going to “fix” problems with Obamacare. The reason the problems — which were wholly predicted by opponents – exist is because planners ignored or attempted to short-circuit the market.

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Repeat History. Repeat History Not. Repeat History. Repeat History Not.

Fundamentally, the US is at a crossroads of choosing which direction to go – the freedom as laid out in the US Constitution or the Socialism as practiced by so many countries of the world. In that light it seems appropriate to reprint an editorial first published following the fall of the Berlin Wall. But, sadly, it must be recognized that even in such a short time frame, there are generations who may not know about the Berlin Wall.

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No Failed Democracy.

USA Today recently announced what must be, at best, an incredibly shallow assessment and comparison of governments, around the world, with the conclusion that the US is a "failed democracy." It's failed because "trust in government, political parties and leaders had plummeted to extremely low levels' in the US..."according to a research arm of the publication, The Economist.

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Compelling Compliance

The controversy that swirls around the issue of sanctuary cities may hold within its outcome the answer to the issue of federal mandates which are placed on cities and counties in order for them to get funding(redistribution of tax dollars). If it turns out that the federal government cannot withhold federal funds to require a municipality’s cooperation in the apprehension of criminals, then they surely should not be able to threaten law-abiding citizens with the loss of transportation funds if city fathers do not go along with “Smart Growth” or “Sustainability” policies.

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Nominate Someone!

In attending the award ceremony of MSU’s College of Business’ Family Business Day, one walks among true greatness, as affirmed by the stories these families tell about their history, their struggles and their achievements. Everyone involved with the program says much the same thing about how much they enjoy it. One always leaves the event, more so than any other, inspired and proud to know that there are such people in our midst.

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Market Update

1 DOW 20,596.72
-59.86 (-0.29%)    
2 S&P 2,343.98
-1.98 (-0.08%)    
3 NASDAQ 5,828.74
+11.04 (0.19%)    
4 MDU 27.17
+0.07 (0.26%)    
5 SWC 17.40
-0.02 (-0.11%)    
6 EBMT 19.85
-0.05 (-0.25%)    
7 FIBK 39.15
+0.30 (0.77%)    
8 GBCI 32.93
+0.22 (0.67%)