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  • Coo coo, coo coo- we've all heard that pleasant, yet almost mysterious, even haunting sound (late at night in a hallway) emanating from a wall in Grandma's house, or Aunty Em's kitchen, usually in a house with collectibles, antiques or a collection of notables and curios. A satisfying sound for many, an annoying sound for some, yet it is as
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  • There are several reasons Montana is lagging behind neighboring states when it comes to oil and gas development. While North Dakota maintains nearly 200 drilling rigs at any given time, Montana has struggled to keep rigs running. North Dakota issued over 2,500 drilling permits last year. Montana issued only 297. Considering these numbers, it should come as no surprise that
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  • Shiptons is building a new location in the Heights and a 3G's convenience store on Wicks Lane is constructing a new building. Local business of all kinds are expanding and growing as reflected in the report of those recently acquiring 504 Loans through the US Small Business Administration, as processed by the Big Sky Economic Development Corporation (EDC). Manager of
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  •   The big challenge in putting together an almost $100 million budget for Yellowstone County for fiscal year 2014-15 will be finding enough money to fund an addition to the county jail without asking the voters to approve a special mill levy. At the opening of a week of budget hearings on June 23, County Commissioner John Ostlund said that
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  • The Policy Coordinating Committee (PCC) gave local planners approval to pursue a railroad corridor study to address a number of transportation issues in downtown Billings. The study could prepare the community to apply for a TIGER grant in early 2015, should the federal Department of Transportation offer grants at that time. But, there is also another local entity interested in
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  • The consequences of drinking and driving are becoming increasingly life altering. Not only do drunk drivers pose a threat to the lives of other drivers and pedestrians, the legal penalties and career ramifications, when they get caught and cited, can change the entire course of their lives, as it did for a friend of Alex Crosby of Bozeman, Montana. Because
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  • Read history. Any part. Any time. Any event. If you really want to understand why we celebrate Independence Day, read anything and everything about the Colonial and Revolutionary War era. Or other eras, if you want to know what the lot of the common man has been for most of mankind's existence, because that is what it's all about. History
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  • There was a day when an American family could have a decent standard of living on only one salary, but that's not generally true anymore, and in most recent years even the standard for a two family- income has slipped dramatically. The loss of upward mobility and a hand-to-mouth existence seems to be the "new normal." But the rate of
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  • Continental Resources, the largest operator in the Williston Bain confirmed that it has applied for a permit with the US Commerce Dept. to export crude to foreign markets. US production has reached 8.2 million BOPD. Steve Bradley, vice president of oil marketing for Continental, told a Texas conference recently, that since the Commerce Department has not denied the application, that
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  • National Small Business Week is a time that we celebrate the many thousands of small businesses across our nation. It is a celebration of entrepreneurship and individual achievement, of free markets and Capitalism. It is a profound bow to those who create and manage small businesses, and with very good reason. But too often the real reason – the real purpose
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  • First Interstate Bank has opened their newest branch at 830 Shiloh Crossing Boulevard. The new Shiloh branch merges the traditional branch concept with digital technology, providing customers the option of a hands-on, interactive banking experience. "At First Interstate, we know our customers enjoy the convenience of online and mobile banking," explained Branch President Andrew Davis. "Our new bank is equipped
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  • With a lifelong passion for architecture and a strong belief that it can change the world for the better, Randy Hafer always knew he wanted to do more than design buildings; he wanted to make his community a better place to live. After spending 11 years of his professional career in Chicago, Illinois, Randy returned to his hometown of Billings,
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